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Re: Facial numbness and TMJ?

My neuro could diagnose it, so could my ENT, but apparently that is very, very rare. My dentist was suprised that they both got the diagnosis so accurately. My MRI showed I had no disc problems, no degeneration of the joint, etc. However the neuro knew I had TMJ from a physical examination, palpation of the joint, very gently, my limited opening, putting his fingers in my ears and having me open made me almost scream, and listening to the joint with a stethoscope while I opened and closed. He did everything my dentist did in the initial exam. This floored the dentist to no end. The neuro also ordered the MRI which was nice because apparently the insurance is more likely to pay for it when it's ordered by an MD (who knows why)? We eventually got to the point where I wasn't responding to first line conservative treatment though, so I did go to a dentist. It's taken a while to reverse things because it took a while to get treated for things. If you are really comfortable with your doctor, it wouldn't hurt to see him, but it's rare for them to know what to do, much less diagnose it correctly. You might get misinformation. The nice thing is that he might be able to give you muscle relaxers and pain killers to tide you over until you can research and get into a good dentist. Good luck...start researching now for a dentist.

Oh, by the way, I've heard of arm and hand tingling and numbness, I'm not sure about facial numbness. I guess it could be some sort of neuralgia, but it could also be some sort of neurological problem. Maybe you should start with your doctor. I would start looking for a dentist does sound like you have bruxism too. It takes a while to find a good dentist.

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