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Tramadol Question On Dosage

I have recently switched over from hydro 15/80 (8 a day) to tramadol 50mg. I have had little to no withdrawal effects from this switch which I am very happy about. I am now planning on weening my way off of the tramadol until I am completely finished with the drugs. My question is I need to take like 15-20 tramdol 50mg a day to starve off the withdrawal and I know they say there is serious risk of seizure when you take over 8 a day. I also have Klonopin which I know is an anti-seizure med and I have been taking at least 1mg a day to prevent any possibility of seizures. I don't feel bad at all or like I might have a seizure although I guess I wouldn't know what that feels like anyway because I never had one. Is tramadol just like pure opiates, that is can you take 15-20 a day without hurting your organs. Other than the risk of seizure is there any other risk to taking so many pills. Your answers are appreciated and other similiar experiences would be helpful. Thanks.

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