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Re: Tramadol Question On Dosage

Hi Curtashley,

I switched the meds about 5 months ago and my doctor told me that the medication isnt addictive like the Hydros. Well please dont take them more than 5 days or you will go through a horrible withdrawl as I did. I was on vacation when I ran out and I spent the next 3 days in hell. It was worse than coming off of hydros. I went to the emergency room in Yosemite because my heart was beating 100-120 beats a minute for 3 days straight. It was then I found out from the doctor that Ultram is very addicive and hard to get off. With Hydros or opiates you can take certain meds to help you through your withdrawls. With Ultram there are none. Also I believe my hearing has been going due to the Ultram use. I take 8 a day and for the last 2 weeks I have had contiunuis ringing in my ears. I founf that going back on Hydro will take care of my withdrawl symptoms from Ultram till it is out of my system. Then I will take the Clonidine to get off the Hydros again. I warn you. Do some research of your own on this med before you get where I am at.