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Re: Have you ever heard?

As far as I know there are phiaciatrists who have counselors who know alot about this subject. Alot of veterans from the war have this. I was also diagnosed with this and have or should i say had horrible nightmares. Mine were always about death and dying and vacant lots with people burried underground. It was always the same town and same cemetary I would walk into the vaults and mosoliums and sometimes into the place where they store the bodies. Wierd huh? Since I have been on Lexapro and take two xanex to sleep at night I haven't had the night mares. PTSD is supposed to be your body's way of getting rid of things that you seen or may have seen in the past but your mind tries to forget and it's put back in your mind. Good luck. Look for a good theapist, you may go through a few before you find a good one.