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Re: Where is all this gas and cramping coming from?

Originally Posted by Forgiven77
Hi everyone i know you have seen this topic about gas and bloating, but i need advice about what to do to help it. These past couple of weeks i have been dealing with horrible gas and cramping. I mean my gas can sometimes smell like death or it can just be a huge cloud of air, but the thing is i dont know where its coming from. it all started when i started taking this probiotic called floramax and so i though thats what it was b/c it was the only new thing i was trying. I stopped taking it a week to 2 weeks ago and im still having this horrible time with gas. It doesnt smell as bad as it did while i was taking the probiotic but i cramp up really bad then all i do is release the gas. I need help to cut down on the gas. Heres what i mainly eat- Soy milk, wheat cereal, plain chicken, boost, ensure, peaches, green beans, bananas, apples, peanut butter, apple juice, honeydew, pretzels, and honeynut cherioes. Any of this can be causing it? Remember i need to maintain and if im lucky gain weight and this is the only stuff i can eat without a problem.
Tired of the cramping and gas-Kira
The only thing that has helped me with this problem all these years is a
drug called Bentyl.It's prescription, it's been around a long time and it's
cheap.The only bad thing about it for me is it makes me feel really spaced
out,so I have to take 1/4 to1/2 a tablet.