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Re: Facial numbness, neck strain and stress

hi neuro
i had acdf w/donor bone and plate on may 6 th 2004 and im still in pain and have a new problem that i thought would go away but it has not i also have numbness on the left side of my face and neck pain and a headache like feeling in the back of my neck i have been complaining to the neurosurgueon since the surgury but he said its a normal healing process that the nerves are angry so iwent to my pcp and he sent me for a new mri and it shows a pinched spinal cord and he is sending me to a new neurosurgeon so i ll let u know what he says about the numbness next appt
chronic pain sufferer from pinched nerve in c67,disc protusions in c2,c3,c4 osteophytes in c3,c4