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Chances of thoracic aortic aneurysm?

I have been having constant mid and upper back pain for about six weeks now. It sometimes raps around to my chest area. It aches, produces sharp pains and feels like something stuck back their sometimes. It does hurt to rub along my spine to. I always think the worse and went to see my internest because I was worried it could be an enlarged aortic aneurysm. He didn't think anything of it and said I have had two chest xrays already and they should have seen something out of the ordinary. He told me to see my orthopedic surgeon and investigate and then come back to see him again. My ortho did xrays and saw nothing and decided I need an MRI. I asked about an thoracic aortic aneurysm and he said it is possible to cause referred pain but very rare for a 36 yr old man. I told him what my internest said about the xrays and he disagreed about anything showing up based on what the fact that their needs to be calcium deposits for it to show up on an xray and I was most likely to young for this to have happened. I am just worried. It does hurt to rub on my back most of the time and I think certain positions are worse than others but at the same time it hurts without even moving and is constant for 98% of the time. Any thoughts?

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