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first test passed barely

I have been clean for about 1 1/2 months I think. I have not been keeping a close count, but it is at least that long. I had a 30 10mg hydrocodone a day habit.
Well I have been feeling great for the most part. Sleeping is still a little iffy, and I crave sometimes, but for the most part I feel great. I had for the most part forgot all about them.
Yesterday I was cleaning out one of my drawers, and there was a little blue lortab staring back at me(I never would have found it if I needed it though). I had thought I was cured and could handle any of this kind of thing. I thought if this kind of situation was ever going to come up I could easily flush it.

But I was shaken. I find it very interesting how quickly my mind began to justify taking it, without my even trying.
"Go ahead its only one, you don't have anymore, you might as well enjoy it"
"Break it in half, you cant get addicted again, a normal person would take it for a headache and your normal now"

And so on.
I did eventually flush it, but I thought I was cured and strong enough to resist anything now, but it was really hard.
Just wanted to remind people no matter how good you feel you have to stay vigilant.

Good luck.

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