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Re: WD Question Please Help!

You are in for a tough time regardless of what you do, it's inevitible for all of us, but there are meds that can help and other things - you WILL get through it - remember this.

Please go to page 2 of the threads and read the post by ScaredHelpless called "911 Oxy Alert". She was EXACTLY where you are just a week or so ago. Many of us responded to her and I think there are some wise words there, so please read it. Many of us here have been where you are, including me, but maybe SH is around and can respond to you directly since all this is happening for her as well.

Good luck. Please read that thread. Forget EVERYTHING you are supposed to do this week that isn't a matter of life & death, and thank God you are at the brink of taking your life back from the oxy death grip.