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has anyone ever heard this?

I have fairly severe asthma. I have a 3 year old son who has had respiratory issues, eczema, allergies etc. The dr never said he had asthma, I've asked but she's always said, its hard to diagnose when they're little. My son is very sick right now, he's got bronchitis that's turned nasty. The pediatrician finally said she thinks he has asthma. He had to be admitted to the hospital because his oxygen levels were in the mid 80's. He's back home now and doing much better. While he was in the hospital I had an interesting conversation with one of the nurses. The in-charge dr at the hospital said he didn't think my son has asthma and gave us all types of scenarios as to what the problem is. When he left, the nurse told me that doctors don't like to diagnose boys with asthma because its considered a disability, so they use all kinds of other names like bronchitis, reactive airway disease because if the boy ever wants to go into the military, he can't if he's labeled asthmatic. I can't believe that line of thinking, but I was wondering if anyone has encountered this.

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