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Kids with Asthma

Hi, new here so be patient. Give you some history here, I have a 5 year old who was prone to ear infections tubes when he was 9 months. Seems he has always caught whatever cold was going around. When he was 2 the military docs said he had respritory destress and gave him liquid albuteral. We have now separated from the military. Things cleared up we relocated no problem. Now he is 5 and for the last year he keeps getting this cough the first episode lasted from March until May and went away when I used my other sons Flovent inhaler. In that time he was treated for Bronchitis twice, no mention of asthma but was perscribed Zyrtec for allergies (purple under the eyes). Last month the cough came back, (Flovent inhaler does not work this time) figured it was school germs. Took him to the dr. told her about using the inhaler and it going away the first time but not this time. She now says he has asthma and perscribes him an Albuteral inhaler and liquid steriod for 5 days. Says the cough will be gone in 7 days if not call her. Well it is gone for 1 full week. We now have had that cough again for two weeks. I took my son to see a different dr and get perscribe Flovent use it twice a day along with the Albuteral inhaler, Zyrtec, Delsum cough syrup. Cough seems to subsided some. Seems like a lot of meds for a kid. So my question is what is a normal life for someone who has asthma? He does not feel bad, but the cough sounds terrible and I get quite the stares when he starts a coughing episode in public. Still doing my research on Kids with Asthma. Thanks any advise is appreciated.

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