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Re: Kids with Asthma

I asked the dr if he needed to have allergy test done and he said "with such good med out there now that cover so much there is no real need t put a child through the testing. The test will most likely show him to be allergic to mold,pollun,dust mites, smoke, and animal dander". He did give my son a flu shot. He is very rarely around smoke (only in resturants) and that is rare that we sit by a smoking section and we don't have any animals. As far as the mold,pollun and dust mites not much you can do about that. I am going to get a mattress pad cover for allergies. Any other suggestions? I have not heard of an allergy/asthma clinic in our area will have to look into it. I live in south tx so I bet there has to be one and I just don't know about it.
Do you have to have a referral to go to one or can you just make an appointment.