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Not sure boyfriend is using Herion? other Drug?

I'm not sure if my boyfriend is using Herion or another type of drug. I've been with him for 8 years. It might be that I'm just over reacting. I just moved in with boyfriend and I'm noticing some odd habits. He takes extremely long in the bathroom, he lets the shower running at times or the bathroom sink - He doesn't always takes long in the bathroom - just sometimes and when he does he also locks the door. I've searched for needles but never found any. Once I found toilet paper dotted with blood but it could have been from shaving because I also found a shaver - both were in the trash. Also every morning he takes a dump in the bathroom - like he has diaria or something. He acts strange sometimes, very unlike himself. He gets depressed and starts talking about his bad childhood and even cry's, which is really unormal for him - he is those type of guys that never really cries, or at least in front of me. I've asked him before if he has ever used - he said he has only tried it several times a long time ago but stood away from it because he was afraid of it. He is addicted to Marajana, which bothers me but I would just DIE if he were doing HERION or even smoking HERION. He also likes drinking a lot, which he is getting better. Are there any Herion users or addicts that could give some type of things I should be looking for? I've never had or known anybody that ever used. I've check his arms for injection sign, but I don't see nothing. Or maybe I'm just overanaylzing this too much. Its just yesturday he took an extremly long shower and I think he forgot to lock the door and when I went in he turned of the shower and got mad at me. I told him never gets mad at me when I walk in the bathroom while he is there. He didn't come out and started drying himself inside the shower (way unnormal for him to do). I wanted to hug him, which I ALWAYS do when he gets out but this time he was mad and just kind of pushed me (gentle) to the side and went straight to living room. Any advice or help would be nice, I rather me just over reacting.

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