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Re: Worth Reading for IBS'ers

I read a great book, What your doctor may not tell you about IBS by Richard N Ash, MD and then went to visit a nautropath dr. She took an hour and a half to question me, my symptoms, my diet and prescribe a path to a healthier life. I had already cut dairy out of me diet as that was an obvious trigger for me. Now I have cut out gluten, caffiene and alcohol for a two week period detox. I am already feeling the difference. A blood test is available to determine food allergies, but was to costly for me at this time. The other recommendations the doctor gave to me were to: drink herbal teas (fresh, green leaf) at least 3 times a day, peppermint or camomile, at least 8 glasses of water a day, acidolphlus - one tsp a day, and to massage my stomach with a peppermint oil mixed into nivea (or a similar based lotion) for 5 mintues a day, in a clockwise circular motion. Now, you symptoms might be triggered by something else, but you can take steps to change this. I have a friend who refused to change her diet and give up her favorite foods for two weeks. If we take control, we can get better. Research and take action.

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