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Re: Faith in Recovery

I have found that a belief in a Higher Power does not always mean God, it is a belief that something, someone, or a combination of both will help, support nd show me the way to live clean. I, myself have a great belief in a God, it may not be the traditional Christian God, it is my own personal God. The Twelve steps is not a religious program, however they do believe that you need to trust a Higher Power to help you in your recovery, most addicts that follow the 12 step programs find that by giving thier lives over to the Higher Power of THIER understanding is the way that they stay clean. You are on the right path, so don't give up just keep going and one day it will make sense to you. Giving your will and your life over to a Higher Power of your understanding is just that...pray to have the mental obsession, and the physical anxiety to be removed from your mind and body and let God's will take you from there. Just hang in....and be patient, you did not become an addict overnight and you can not expect to get it and be clean overnight, and you don't need to be clean to be in recovery... you only need the willingness to be clean and it will happen. Every person is different and for some it takes two days, two weeks, or maybe two years. The important thing is you are on the right path, so stick with it. Life is the journey, not the destination, don't worry about where you are in recovery, just be thankful that you are in recovery and let God, or whoever ..LOL do the rest.