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Re: Faith in Recovery

I have never believed in any type of higher power or god. Even as a young child I always found it hard to believe. No offense to anyone who does, if it works for you then go with it.

I have not been recovering for too long, so reading all the stories about relapses, it would be naive for me to think I was clear, but what helps me is to have faith in myself. Have faith that I can do it. You know truly believe that you can and will beat it. Whenever I crave I tell myself I am stronger then the drugs, and so on.

I also have found that hard exercise is a very big help.
I go out and run 2 miles and try to add a little to it everyday.
When you are running (or doing any sort of high impact exercise) it is just you and the work. You are not thinking about anything else. And when it is done, you feel so phycologically strong you feel you can do anything.
Of course exercise is not the secrect cure but it helps alot both physically and mentally.


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