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Re: Hospital for Special surgeries

lori: See if you can find the book, The Gift That Nobody Wants, on line, or at a used book store. It deals with pain and how to live with it. It sounds like you are having a hard time and are anxious. I am not suggesting living with pain, but inbetween, when you need answers, it can be a hard time. Just reading this book took my mind off of my pain for the time that I was reading it and the worrying about if I would find a solution. It is a great read.

It is filled with various ways to deal with pain that most of us have never thought of or have and didn't think would work. It also tells about people who have no pain receptors and what happens to them. It explains pain.

A teaching hospital or one where they do only surgeries is a great place to get one done. I was reading that docs going into Neuro or Ortho can now specialize and go on to become a specialist in spine surgery and combine Neuro and ortho into one. There is no specific board to certify them but they are working on it. If I were to have surgery, I would want one of those. One that had years and years of training in just spine/nerves.

good luck