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hypochondriac at 18?

Hi, Im 18 years old and for years I've been worrying needlessly and constantly about every little symptom I may get...

I dont know how or when it started, but every time I get a headache I worry it's a tumour, I'm constantly checking my moles and convincing myself theyre getting bigger, Im sitting here at 2.30 am worrying because I found a red lump on my breast (which Im getting checked out tomorrow) and...I dunno, I'm just worried about how much I worry, if that makes sense!!

Seriously I dont know how this started but its very real, even though Im only 18...ive had a tough year I suppose, with 3 people in my family dying, coming to Uni, moving from home...and Ive had trouble sleeping anyway for a while but as I say I've had this "hypochondria" for years...

Can anyone else relate? Even just knowing someone else understood or whatever, would really help set my mind at rest...

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