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Re: hypochondriac at 18?

honey i am 21 and i am and have been the SAME exact way you are for about a couple years now, but it has been REALLY bad in the past year or so.... every little thing i can get my hands or eyes on i worry about... infact, i am going to the dermatologist next week to have some moles checked haha ... its not funny but I know EXXACCCTLY what you are going through... i have had a few panic attacks because i have gotten different cancers in my head and worry myself sick about them.... people say i should go get put on some anxiety meds but i just never seem to take that extra step to go get them ... i know that mine probably stems from the fact that my #1 fear is death and if i have something wrong with me that is serious, it might lead to death... what doesnt help at all is that i know WAY too much for my own good when it comes to medical just have to keep reminding yourself that you ARE a constant worrier and you know that and most times the symptoms you worry about usually disappear and you move on to another thing... so you know yourself that this worrying isnt too credible and to wait these things out and THEN go see a doc But i feel for you, i am without a doubt the EXACT same way... it drains you emotionally and physically to worry and yes ill probably end up eventually going to get some anxiety meds to help me because worrying all the time takes an IMMENSE toll on ur body and will influence disease to start in the long run ... try and keep it together and relax!! good luck...

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