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memory loss from drugs or stress??

I can't even remember how severe my addictions were. My pshycologist told me it was just stress and not the clasapam causing me to forget. But then again I was smoking pot every day for months, taking anything I could get, coke, xanax, vallium, drinking. I stoped taking the clasapam on my own because I had started taking up to 10 a day, average of 3 a day for 8 months. Coke, I've done over 10 occations in 6 months. Now I think it's mental. I started taking zoloft and I'm thinking and talking way too much. I havent smoked weed in 3 weeks, done coke for 3 months, smoked opium 2 months ago, whipits a month ago, I drank this whole weekend and picked up ciggs again (which I droped yesterday) I ran out of casapam, took a vallium a few days ago. I want to smoke bud so bad or get a soma. I need help but I dont know where to start. Is there a free AA place to go? I don't trust anyone, I barely feel comfortable writting it down. I'm currently taking adderal daily for my ADD however 15mg is starting to have no effect on me. All this started almost a year ago. I dont remember a few months of my life....

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