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Re: memory loss from drugs or stress??

Many of the drugs you name can certainly cause memory loss. I know for me personally, when I've been taking benzodiazepines or sleeping pills, even at the prescribed doses, I've found that I can completely "black out" a period of time. I never used to think that the opiates effected my memory, but I'll find myself watching a movie that I "know" I have seen before while I was actively using, and I won't remember it at all. Same things with books, conversations I've had with people....kinda scary! Alcohol can absolutely effect your memory too.
I have no idea what clasapam is....a pill I haven't heard of! So I can't tell you about that one.
Additionally, memory lapses can be a sign of certain psychiatric illnesses ranging from the mild to the severe. So definitely talk to your doctor.
All AA/NA meetings are free and open to anyone. You can look up the hotline number for your area in the phone book and they will be able to direct you to a meeting location. Or you could do an internet search for Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous in your area and chances are they will have a meeting list online. Once you get to a meeting, raise your hand and explain that you don't know where to go from here. The people there will be well equipped to talk to you after the meeting and direct you to any programs/hospitals in your area.
Good luck!