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Originally Posted by zip2play
I guess most of you know that I've been taking one or two of virtually ALL of the classes of drugs for hypertension over the last 25 years.
Well I am experimenting with something NEW: NO CLASSES of drugs!

A week ago I stopped my cozaar (100mg) + HCTZ(50mg.). My BP climed steadilt for the next 5 days peaking at near 160/100 for a couple readings (take three, drop high and low) THEN it started backing off.

TODAY, I got 141/90 and then 4 hours later, 140/85.

I suspect (HOPE?) that the surge was a rebound effect, primarily from the years of thiazide, because my weight spiked up 5 pounds by the second day and now has backed off back down to normal.

Raises a couple interesting points that may clear up as more time goes by.
1. Can we become addicted/habituated to these drugs such that we are worse without them then if we had never taken them?
2. Is there a feedback system that tries HARDER to raise BP when we try to force it down.

<I am sooo glad I resisted the urge to pop an HCTZ on the third day to lose some of this bloat.>

If I can get an undrugged 139/89 regularly I would be deliriously happy. I really feel GREAT without the meds. I'd forgotten what unmedicated FELY like!

More developments as they occur.
You're a fantastic poster on this board I really hope your experiment leads to you having an unmedicated, good BP.

I worry alot about drug dependancy and the thought that over time it can become an endless cycle of 'feed the need' I personally believe that if you stay on a drug long enough your body can forget how to cope without the drug and/or start resisting said drug, thus leading to upped dosage for the same effect. Of course that's just my personal belief

Once again, Good Luck.