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Re: New to diuretics-Help with bad side effects!

Hi Dylansmom and welcome to the board. There are many posts on this board about the good, bad and ugly of hctz. I have been on hctz since 1999. I do not like it bcuz it can increase glucose and cholesterol levels. That is my only complaint and i don't notice too much of a reduction in my bp.

Sorry but i can't say i've experienced any of those side effects. I have suffered pain on my right side and exhaustion but i don't think it was hctz. Why not type "hctz" in your browser and see what the side effects are. No i don't think halfing the dosage is a bad thing. I am on 25mgs but i only take 12.5mgs. My bp is still high but i don't care 140/69. That could be bcuz i ate too much today, tgif.