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Re: I'm Trying Something

It's going well and WHAT a boost to my metabolism. I really think I can eat about 200 calories more and hold weight, though it's been too short a period to get definitive. I'm seeing reading (LOTS AND LOTS OF READINGS) in the 135/150 and 87/93 range. Not good but not TOO bad. I'd like to see better, but the numbers aren't so scary as to induce me to stop my "drug trial"...I'm playing the role of PLACEBO!

A big difference is how readily my pulse rate goes up on the stationary bike . Yesterday I peaked at 145BPM with 20 minutes over 120....I backed offf a bit because the 140, being so RARE, made me a bit nervous...I didn't want to burp up a STENT ..."hey, did somebody drop this bloody spring?" !

I'm keeping this list SEPARATE from my bound notebook of medicated readings and use the loose leaf recorded test for my eyes only...I don;t want to give the doctor palps. Poor soul, he is a delicate flower and I must filter info for his "widdeww ears" <in my best Elmer Fudd.>

You asked about my pre-med BP...Hard to say, I went to see the doctor in 1975 for a terrible feeling of unease caused by winter depression and too many Manhattans...well, he got something like 900/700 (white coat) and I was off to the races with thiazides, then nadolol (try this beta if you ever want your SOCKS knocked off) and on and on.

Effect of withdrawal took about 3 days for real PEP.
Ther's no need to ween from the losartan-thiazide...though you DO blow up FAST from thiazide withdrawal...AMAZING feedback loop for diuretics.

(I can't type any faster though )

More as it unfolds.

Gotta go vote...they're lining up (next door to the polls!)

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