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Re: I'm Trying Something

The meds. are a horrible treadmill that is very diffucult to come off of. I tried the weaning myself from 100 MGS to 50 MGS to Atenolol. Felt like junk with increased pulse that day. Why don't the docs. say that if they are putting you on a med. that you will eventually get off of that it is going to require weaning, it is addictive, & etc. I know that I will waste my yearly deductible trying to go the doc. next week. with these #'s & trying to wean on 100 MGS of Atenolol & 5/20 of Lotrel, but I'm going to give it a shot.

118/66 Yesterday at Noon (4 MGS of Xanax)
125/75- Last Friday (Weaning from 4 MGS to 2 MGS of Xanax)
124/74 Last Thursday (Weaning from 4 MGS to 2 MGS of Xanax)
116/66 Average with 12 reading for the rest of the month (On my normal dose of Xanax).

120/78 in his office & he wouldn't let me wean. I don't think that this time will be much different.

I'm 34, 5'11 150. Perfect blood tests, EKG & Chest Xray. I played a show in 90 degree heat yesterday & felt like a champ even after 1 1/2 hours. My Bass Player (who is 200 pounds & my Guitarist who is about 190) felt like they were going to pass our after the show. I was ready for more.

I don't get it.