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Re: hypochondriac at 18?

Trust me are NOT alone!

I'm 23 years old, and I suffer from a mild case of hypochondria myself. I think I've always had it. My mom told me that even at a young age I was always "diagnosing myself" by reading health books and then running and telling her that I had the "symptoms" of [insert disease/disorder name here]. Through the years as I've gotten older and have had countless tests and EKG's, blood work, etc done, I've found that maybe the symptoms are just a figment of my mind's active imagination. I'm not saying that I/we don't actually HAVE the symptoms we suffer from, but I think that your brain can really do a number on you. You'd be surprised how powerful your brain is in making you THINK you have some life-threatning illness.

I know so much about every kind of symptom and health related disorder (both physical and mental) because of reading so many health books and reading on the internet that I could probably open shop tomorrow and start my OWN private medical practice! LOL* It's really crazy! hahah... I probably have a PhD level knowledge on diseases. It's not really funny, but this just goes to show how much I have worried about my health in the past and how much I still worry about it now...albeit not as much. Even my own primary care doctor is starting to suspect something about me. The last time I visited him he said something like: "Miss ______, you are alright. Trust me, there is nothing seriously wrong with you." Sheesh...I don't want my own doctor thinking I'm a total nutcase! ha.

It's so funny too, because I'm a psychology major, so you would THINK I would know about this stuff and know that I don't really have some life-threatening illness. Even my family just rolls their eyes at me if I'm sick. Which is sad because now days I get the feeling that my family doesn't really believe it when I'm sick. I look at my mom and I just see the disbelief in her eyes. I can tell because if my younger sister is sick, my mom will try to help her get better and will show genuine concern and worry that she's not feeling well. But if I'M sick, she'll just look at me strangely and almost brush it off with a shrug. Sometimes she just laughs and says: "Well honey, when are you NOT sick?" I think they're getting tired of it. On top of this, I also suffer from IBS and mild anxiety, so that doesn't help. :-/