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Re: Are there any non addictive anti anxiety drugs?

mgraylorn, I was just prescribed xanax and was told to take it when needed, I took one this moning a low dose, along with my Toprol and checked my bp at work(I work for a podiarist)and my bp was 118/76 ,thats the very lowest its ever been, even though Ive been on 50 mgs. toprol xl for the last few months,I was in the ER last week and it was 208/102 and at my drs appt. last week it was 150something over 90 something until I calmed down a little bit it lowered thats when he presribed the xanax,Im also scared of taking something addicting but after finally taking one at work today and seing how low it was Im gonna try to take one only in the A.M or in situations when I feel panicked I personally dont see how people can likethis pill so much to become addicted,made me feel really tired and slightly lightheaded, but if that in combination with the toprol is gonna help my bp numbers that much Im gonna try it, for awhile at least.