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Re: How Much Do Meds. Bring B/P Down???

Lillian , I know you said you also have anxiety and so do I, and at my last appt when my dr. gave me xanax I tried to ask him if I have anxiety or actual high bp, he really didnt give me a straight answer he just said keep taking 50 mgs a day toprol and the xanax when needed he also told me to keep checking my pressure and if the top number stays over 130 take two toprol a day instad of one,well finally today I took a whole .5 xanax and checked my bp and it was 118 72 lower than its ever been so is that telling me its anxiety? it kind of seems like it,last week when I was in the ER it was 208/102 and thats taking toprol daily, obviously if it can get that high when Im on this med maybe my problem is anxiety,its very confusing to me, all I know is today was the best reading Ive ever had and that was after finally taking a xanax.any opinions on this? should I stick with both or try just xanax and no toprol,any input would be greatly appreciated.

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