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Re: Kayt here........long time no post

Hi Kaytee welcome back.
I'm glad you found someone who's helping you...that's the first step in the right direction.
I'm still off my medication and feeling great, I still feel the need to come here many people on here were a big help to me when I needed I just hope I can now give back some of that help to someone else.

Klonopin, wasn't for me...seemed to be to strong or something and I did better taking the low dose of Xanax, so I can't really answer that question but I'm sure someone else will have some info for you.

As for Sickman, he was gone for a long time and then he came back a few months ago and now he seems to have disappered again, funny you should mention him I was just thinking abou him the other matter how bad someone was feeling he was almost always able to put a smile on your face.

Didn't mean to write a book, just wanted to welcome you back.