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Re: Los Angeles Doctor


I'm in the LA area (westside) but cannot recommend my doctor, even though he came highly rec by my gynecologist (whom I trust)...

Reason I don't trust him: When I called for initial appt and spoke to him, telling him that my gyne got a BP on me of 157/92 0r something in that range...he said: "Okay, my nurse will set up an appt. for you for a check-up but in the meantime, I'll call in an Rx for a beta blocker for you."


Can you spell I-N-C-O-M-P-E-T-E-N-T P-I-L-L-P-U-S-H-E-R?

I was a TOTAL STRANGER to him. He didn't know me, my med history, my age, my background, whether or not beta blockers might be CONTRAINDICATED for me, nor, in fact did he REALLY know if I was hypertensive. He based his over-the-phone opinion on a BP reading taken ONCE by ANOTHER doctor???????$#@!#$%^&* which was also relayed to him by me, the patient. For all he knew I had the #s wrong. Why I went to him anyway, I don't know, Scared I guess. Never had BP higher than 120/80 so was feeling a sense of urgency.

I'm still looking...and if I find someone good, I'll let you know.

zuzu xx