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Re: Kayt here........long time no post

Thanks for the welcome back Graciecat!

Yes, I have found a wonderful doctor. However, he isn't a miracle worker and cannot cure all of my ails. He trys though and certainly got me back to a more stable me.

As for the Klonopin, I hope there is someone on here who can give me some suggestions. This afternoon my anxiety spiked again and I just keep wondering if it isn't my body needing more Klonopin? I have taken 2mg for some time now and maybe it has adjusted and my body needs more for it to work?

It's great that you are doing so well. I can say I am much much better then this exact time last year. I was a mess, withdrawaling is horrible and I hope to never go through it again. That is why the doc put me on Klonopin, because unlike Xanax XR, it can be broken down in to small pieces for a slow taper off the drug. I know he plans to taper me after the holidays.

Better get going,
Great to hear from you and see that you are still around,