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Dogs and Cats

Someday I want a dog or a cat--maybe both later, but I am allergic to them. I discovered this about 7 years ago when I visited grandma with a cat. I wasn't allergic as a child. I used to play with my dogs closely--even pat them--they didn't bother me.

What their hair do is affect my eyes first--they itch to the point of redness--then my skin starts to itch until I wash it off. Then if I stay with relatives who have pets, my breathing tube is tightened, but I stay okay though it can be miserable.

Allergy medications makes me drowsy--even if it says it is non-drowsy. I don't want to commit to regular allergy shots which someone told me is once a week at a clinic. I am not a pills popping person, so that's why.

My question is, is there a natural form of strengthening your immune system or ward off allergy attacks? My body is leaning to seek this route instead of drugs. It just doesn't make sense to pop pills just to have a pet. Before seeking a pet, I would like to try strengthening my body against allergies to pet's hair. See if I improve.

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