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Re: Help Need Mens Advice!!!!

Hi! although im not married, and im a man of only 20, i'll try to give my point of view. OK, first, the addiction your husband has got: in today's world...theres a lot of people with this kind of addictions. It seems some people gets trapped to it. BUT this is not an excuse. I mean, he is your husband. He is married to you and this means yo should care about each other and be happy together. And sexual life is an important part of the relationship. So, its NOT ok that he is wasting time and making you unhappy with this kind of addiction. I think you should talk to him and you have to open his eyes and tell him that its very important to you that he leaves this addicton and that yo want him to take care about you and about your sexual life together. You should try to convince him...and maybe try to convince him not one time, but several times, till he pays more attention to you. You should think about ways to convince him.
But if at the end, you are not successful in it, you can tell him to see a doctor and treat the problem...

Just my 2 cents, and sorry for my bad english