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Re: GERD and panic disorder

Hry33...thank you SOOOO much for this post! After I read this information, I searched the boards and found your other post on this subject in July, the article by Stuart Shipko MD, psychatrist. This may be the best information I have found thus far in researching my panic episodes and possible causes. I had no idea there was any relationship between GERD and panic...but every time a panic episode begins...I notice that my stomach becomes instantly imflamed with acid. The GERD has been around longer than the panic...but as the GERD has worsened over the years, the panic episodes have increased in quantity and intensity. I've been on prilosec for years...and also use Carafate at night on and off. It's possible that when I slack off the Carafate...the panic episodes worsen. I will have to talk to my doctor regarding the information in Dr. Shipko's article. He'll probably just look at me perplexed (again). Thank you again!