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Re: Help Need Mens Advice!!!!

Tell him that. Maybe he has some fantasies that he's afraid to express because he thinks you might think he's a freak. I think all guys (and maybe girls, but I can't say) have some sort of... "off the beaten path" sort of sexual desires, and maybe he's just hung up on them.

Try getting him to do stuff with you and then see if maybe you can't do the phone-girls' job and be his wife, too. I know a lot of very happy guys who got interested in sweet girls, then found out that while they were normally lambs, they were lions in the bedroom!

Just try getting him to talk about it, then see if you can't pique his interest by using a little of what you find in the bedroom. You might just re-open the door to his sex life, then it should be easy for him to drop all the imitations, especially when confronted with the real thing (and guilt-free, no less!)

Best of luck to you!