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Re: hypochondriac at 18?

Originally Posted by life for rent
thank you for replying its such a relief to know im not alone...people sort of laugh and just tell me not to worry about things, but as im sure you know, its easier said than done!! and of course it doesnt help that i have access to the internet...the amount of times ive looked up symptoms and convinced myself i have diseases...! i actually read a few posts on this forum last night and almost cried because i realised for the first time that i'm not alone...which is a relief but thanks again for replying and good luck to you too.
I seriously am taking a step back here, because EVERYTHING you said I do!! I look things up online and when I see that I have symptoms of something I just cry and get so scared that I have cancer or something horrible. Like yesterday I found a bump on my leg, and I rushed to go online and look up what it was. I thought I had a tumor! I always do this and I am 19 so it is common for us I guess. I am not on meds and I wish I were, I wonder if these things would go away with medication. I also worry that someone will break in my house and kill me, or something bad will happen like I will get some kind of disease. It is all the anxiety.