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The Next Logical Step???

Advice on where to go from here would be appreciated. I have white-coat, that is obvious. I just don't understand doctors who forget what meds. you are on & the fact that they discount white-coat when it is obvious that it is white-coat (even he said that I had white-coat months ago). He said that people with white-coat have high heart rates... well not when you are on Atenolol 100 MGS. He says that side-effects like upset stomach when I wake up is anxiety. It just seems that he is clueless & has no idea what he is doing. I brought in my 20 months of readings & he took a 3 second glance at it & said that I am healthy. He said that they do blood tests once a year for people on B/P meds. I asked to test for Glucose & Cholesterol & he said no, for kidney function. Well I just had a blood test in his office in May & my kidney function was fine. Where do I go from here??? I want off of these meds., Atenolol 100 MGS & Lotrel 5/20, but I want to see a professional... not an amateur. I have been to 3 docs. & 1 specialist in 20 months. All 3 docs. I didn't feel comfortable with. Advice please.

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