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Re: The Next Logical Step???

Axe, i agree with naes. Just stop taking the meds, i did. When my bp shot up, then i knew i had to go back to the zestoretic, at least until i see the cardio. You're going to worry yourself sick over this. Then you'll have another illness to worry about.

Just stop the meds and see what happens. Nobody have more of a reason to be on bp meds than me, but i know what hurst me and what doesn't. Right now im on the estoretic for the 4th or 5th time. I'll probably stop it tomorrow for a couple of days, and then half the pill Mon. thru Wed. and then stop. I will do this until i see the cardio on 11/23. Only YOU can stop this nightmare with your meds. In my not so humble opinion, even if your bp goes to 140/80ish, you won't die. My bp has gone as high as 225/120 quite a few times and im still here.