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Re: xanax could be my answer

Like I said before, I have the same thing as you. High B/P caused by anxiety. They could prescribe Toprol, Lotrel, Atenolol, Altace.... whatever, but once I go to the doc. my B/P goes up. Once I went on Xanax my B/P averaged 126/76 last year. One year later & I average 116/66.

Don't get hooked on it. You will need more MGS in time. I know through experience. I am already on 2-3 MGS a day. It causes me no side-effects & I feel great through the day. It still doesn't control my white-coat at the doc. though. 114/69 today, 115/65 yesterday (later on in the day).... I think that I am going to take a break from taking my B/P. After 20+ months of monitoring, it's time to wean off of these meds.... Atenolol is 1st, Lotrel is next. If my B/P goes up. I will go back on the Lotrel.