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Re: xanax could be my answer

Is there some reason you stick with Toprol? Have you tried other types of blood pressure medication? If you haven't tried any of the others, I'd suggest you get your doctor to let you try some of the other types and see if you get better bp control with something else.

Unless there is a reason you can't take another type of bp med - an ACE inhibitor, calcuim channel blocker, etc, I'd rather try something different than get hooked on an addictive anti anxiety drug.

Toprol started out good for me, but then it stopped controlling my bp very well, and give me pb spikes, mostly in the middle of the night. A cardiologist I went to said I was just anxious, but, surprise, surprise, I stopped spiking and got pretty decent control after I got off Toprol and went to a calcuim channel blocker and clonidine.

One final comment: DO NOT suddenly stop taking the Toprol. You must wean off it slowly or have severe rebound hypertension.

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