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Re: Need some help with big changes in my diet+exercise

Originally Posted by xghostsniperx
I've been noticing I have less energy and am getting more acne, I'm more tired and I'm getting a little bigger. I've analzyed my diet and exercise and let me say it's not very good...

I'm posting my eating habits but I'm also posting my exercise+acne problems, if anyone could help with that.

Eating Habits
Breakfast: Usually a bowl of cereal and a granola bar, sometimes chocolate chip muffins--but it varies

Lunch: Hot pretzel, 2 Cookies, 1 brownine, 1 small can of pringles, 1 carton of milk

Dinner: Whatever we have, usually some kind of meat with side dishes like Potatoes, gravy, corn, stuffing, whatever

I've noticed though that I hardly EVER eat fruits or vegetables. I've gotta start that. And my lunch is absolutely terrible at school. Can you guys help me out with my diet?

Exercise Habits
The sad thing is, these are almost non-existent. I'm 15, and I play a lot of video games. With my diet and my total lack of exercise, you'd think I'd be really fat. Well, I'm quite skinny. I just come home, do my homework, and play video games for 4 hours. I love to do it--I just don't think it's healthy. My dad has a stationary bike, a tredmill and a gazelle-type stair stepper thing. I wonder if I should work on those a few hours a week.

Acne problems
I've been on a pill 2x a day, Clyndomiacin, and a cream once every night, Retin-A Micro. I use Cetaphil to moisturize my face. The problem is, my acne isn't going away and my face is SO dry and peely. I constantly have to walk into the bathroom and make sure my face isn't peeling because it looks so gross. Plus my face is really red.

I'm wondering if I should just ask my Dermatologist if I should just get off the meds since they're causing more problems than helping.

Thanks for any advice you guys can give.
Like I just said in another post similar to yours, get a good quality cereal, maybe pack a turkey sandwich or pbj for lunch on wheat bread. Take some celery with peanut butter with you or some nuts, an orange, grapes, apple, banana, yogurt, or v8 juice for convenience. You may want to invest in flaxseeds, which are real good for the skin and brain, and have beneficial oils like omega 3's which are real healthy. Fish oil is also a good choice for an omega 3 supplement which both fish oil and flax are wonderful for the skin. Try to switch to whole grain breads and cereals. You could eat some steamed veggies with your dinner, brown rice etc. Salads are also a good way to get some veggies with olive oil and vinegar because olive oil is real good for the skin. Try cardio exercise because that helps you sweat out toxins which can also be good for your skin. I used to have real bad acne when I was your age and it's probably hormonal. Don't worry, you'll probably grow out of it. Maybe modifying your diet could help because I didn't eat healthy when I was your age, but my acne did go away as I got older. If you eat well, your energy levels will soar. Oh, and water water water!!!Hope this helps!

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