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Re: Need some help with big changes in my diet+exercise

JDmissimo and Jessicca's advice are both good, so I would take all of their thoguhts into consideration. But I dont think you necessarily need to elminiate ALL junkfood!! I mean, you are a teenager and it wouldnt exactly be a normal thing to do if you didnt ever eat chips or pop or pizza or whatnot. Just try to substitute some of your choices for healthier ones, like fruits/veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. You can have "junk" food once in a while, but dont LIVE off of it! And although your diet may contribute somewhat to your acne, you are 15, so it is primarily teen hormones that are playing a role. Drink lots of water, try to incorporate activity when you can- give up an hour of video games for an hour of playing outside (soccer, hockey, walking, playground- anything!).

Just for perspective, I am a teen too and dont really excersise. I also eat junk foods, but not ONLY junk- I have usually 2-3 servings per day, plus I drink water and milk mostly, MAYBE a couple diet pops a week/month, and I definately have at least 3 fruits and 3-4 veggies a day. My skin isnt horrible, but it isnt perfectly clear (mind you lately its been better). I use a topical cream to help zap zits lol. I havent completely eliminated bad foods, or made sure that everything is balanced or banned chocolate or chips or whatever. I just make sure when I can I choose healthy things, and I try not to have a LOT of junk everyday!

Hope this helps you- dont worry too much about everything- you still are a teen and your body IS changing. Make some healthier choices and you'll be great!