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Re: Need some help with big changes in my diet+exercise

Alright, thanks everyone. I play soccer+tennis but they both are either over or haven't started yet.

I've been exercising for an hour the last two days, I hope it'll help a little.

Today is also my last day of a few things or I will be changing:

1. I'm changing my diet. I'm trying to incorperate more fruits+vegetables. I really need some suggestions for fruit though. I like apples, but I can't stand bananas or oranges. Grapes also aren't exactly my thing. Any suggestions?

2. I'm trying to get more sleep, although it's kind of tough because I usually don't go to bed until 10:30 and now I'm starting to go to bed at 9:30. Maybe this will help a bit.

3. Today is my last day of masturbation. I hope it's ok to sort of talk about because well, these ARE health boards. Thing is, whenever I masturbate 2x a day for two weeks, I have a ton of acne. Whenever I don't do it at all, my face is clearer.

So, anyone have any comments/suggestions?