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Re: Anyone had facet joint injections??

I think the S-I joint is a facet joint? If that's correct, then I've had facet joint injections. I had them for continuing pain resulting from an inflamed S-I joint, after the S-I joint dislocated a couple times.
I had three cortisone injections into my S-I joint, and the shots worked great. They reduced my pain to virtually nothing (nothing I needed pain medicine for, anyway). And I had no negative effects from the shots. I also had epidurals for a disc problem, and those worked great until they wore off 6 months later.

But I did still have a little pain after my S-I joint shots, so my doctor sent me for prolotherapy after that. Prolotherapy was a god-send for me!!! My hip is 99% better after three sessions of prolotherapy. I can't say enough good things about that procedure.