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Re: Anyone had facet joint injections??

[QUOTE=heidi23]I think the S-I joint is a facet joint? If that's correct, then I've had facet joint injections. I had them for continuing pain resulting from an inflamed S-I joint, after the S-I joint dislocated a couple times.
I had three cortisone injections into my S-I joint, and the shots worked great. They reduced my pain to virtually nothing (nothing I needed pain medicine for, anyway). And I had no negative effects from the shots. I also had epidurals for a disc problem, and those worked great until they wore off 6 months later.

But I did still have a little pain after my S-I joint shots, so my doctor sent me for prolotherapy after that. Prolotherapy was a god-send for me!!! My hip is 99% better after three sessions of prolotherapy. I can't say enough good things about that procedure.[/QUOTE]

The SI joint is different from a facet joint.

There is a lot of controversy amongst scientists and doctors about the SI joint and whether or not it ever moves and why we have it. This perplexes me because I was told that the Prolotherapy was for the SI joint before I had it. Turned out it was for the ligaments.

If you had an SI injection, that is done with a flouroscopy and it is put deep inside of the joint.

Did your SI dislocate or did your pelvis become misaligned? What usally happens is that the SI joint becomes inflammed after an injury, such as twisting and pushing at the same time. Over 80% of lower back pain involved the SI joint in some way.

I had the Prolotherapy also. My ligaments are now tight, but too tight on one side and I have scar tissue from the shots. I am happy that it worked for you. At first, I too, could not say enough good things about it.