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Re: heart misses a beat and then beats extra hard

Originally Posted by nhtab

I'm an 18 yr old female who is very active and exercises daily. I have always had a problem where my heart misses a beat and then beats extra hard, but recently it has gotten a lot more frequent, with it doing this 8 or so times an hour. I also have very pulse, at around 45-50 when resting. I've gone to my physician and he told me not to exercise anymore until i see a cardiologist. I have continued to exercised, but I have scaled back my routine and I don't exercise every day. I also drink and smoke pot a few times a week. I know this is probably not good for my heart, but I was wondering if anyone had information on what pot does to the cardiovascular system. Please don't try and help me stop drinking or smoking and don't lecture me on my choice to smoke and drink, I understand I should stop and I'm working on that. What I do need right now is information on why I might be having this irregular beat, what can be done, and how my lifestyle affects my problem. Thank you.
I have this quite a lot, where my heart beat is not missed, but it is delayed and when it comes it is quite a strong beat then the regular beat afterwards.
Im not too sure what is causing this as I have had it constant for about three days now. Perhaps it was something I ate as I know that I have an unusual reaction to monosodium glutomate.

I believe this heart issue is called palpitations.

Best getting checking it out for sure.