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Re: Anyone had facet joint injections??

Thank you! The injections went well, although they took quite some time because he had a tough time on the right side as I have a transitional vertebrae so it was hard for him to find the right place for the injection. They weren't as bad as what I expected, not horribly painful, but they weren't pleasant either. I have more than just this problem so in a way, they're using me as a guinea pig because it's more of a diagnostic tool to see if they can relieve some of the intense pain. Let's hope it works! This is the first step in a long process I guess, at least that's what he's telling me. I think I have finally, after 15 years, found a good doctor who knows what he's doing and who isn't afraid to take a proactive, yet conservative approach. I've done physical therapy for 15 years now, that's it.......they just keep sending me, and it hasn't done any good. And, if you can believe it, after 15 years, this was the FIRST mri that I have ever had done. Dummies! Thank you all for your responses....we'll see how things go. What a neat board this is! Thanks again!