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Re: A Very Very True Quote....

I'm 34, but I get carded as much as she does. She is more mature than me in a lot of ways, so it all works out extremely well after 2 years. She thinks that I should be off of the meds. Her Mom works in a hospital & does Nuclear Medicine & she agrees. Met her thousands of miles away when my band played her city when she was a DJ on the radio, so we have a lot in common. She wants me to trash the meds. & never thought I should have taken them in the 1st place. She knows that I have anxiety & that is the cause (white-coat). It annoys her that I take my B/P so often, because it always averages the same. She believes that it is a bad obsession to take it 15 times a month when it always comes out the same. I agree with her. She thinks that the docs. that I have seen don't understand white-coat or anxiety & that they should treat the anxiety 1st. She also believes that I should go to the specialist just so he can instruct my GP. Life is grand.