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About Blood Tests & GP's:

I asked mine why he wanted to test again after a year & he said, all B/P patients get tested once a year. I said to check glucose levels, cholesterol, liver funtion... these are some of the things that B/P meds. elevate at times. He said no, kidney function. Well my creatinine was 1.0 (normal is 0.5-1.4) & my Bun (urea nitrogen) was 13 (normal is 7-25). The Bun/Creatinine ratio was 13 (normal is 6-25). *** would this jack** mention kidney function when these tests were taken 6 months ago & they were all perfect. I have a copy. I'm 34 & starting to thing that GP's are all about money. Have no idea about white-coat or blood pressure & about more appointments that are unnecessary. He wants me to come back in 4 months to check my blood pressure. I can do that on my own. I can also get blood tests on my own & look at normal ranges now that I have them. If there is a problem like white-coat or weaning off of B/P meds. I will see a specialist. If I get into this appointment every 4 months regimen, I'm out of there. I've had 8 million tests run & every appointment I find out less than the last one. I have had 3 different doctors, I fired one, one left & now I am stuck with a guy who won't even read a chart before seeing me. I have been to one specialist. I am only 34. My G/F is only 23 with no spleen & she only needs blood tests every 2 years. We have HBP & need blood tests every year, but people without a spleen only need them once every 2 years. It makes perfect sense.

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