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Post chronic constipation?

Ever since I was a kid I had problems with my bowel movements. Not that I could not go, but when I could it felt like I was passing a baby through my rectum other than..matter. I mean, to the point where I blew blood vessels in my head and then my legs being weak for a few hours from pushing. No joke or exaggeration. When this is happening at a young age while still getting the hang of moving a bowel every day, it could have divesting side affects on my mental and physical health later on.

I was so scared of even making a movement I sometimes could go days of holding it in where to the point where it could not be held back any further.

Now of course, im at the age of 19. Trying to make an effort every day or sometimes every other day to pass a bowel. Sometimes they come out easy as pie but then I have time spans of up to a full week of trying to pass bowels that could leave me soar from trying to pass them.

This week has been my worse with flat out constipation. I have a good reason to believe it is the diet I've been on. Almost a starvation diet and now my digestive system is all gone to hell. I can tell you one thing, I have not consumed much of fiber nor calcium for the passed 2 or 3 weeks. Hardly any sugar either. I now know why they say starvation diets are not good for your health.

Is it my poor dieting and lack of exercise that's make me have so much trouble to pass a bowel movement? Am I just prone to having constipation type bowel movements?It scares me not to even have an urge to go. And of course I know naturally what comes in must go out.

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